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As your little one's first birthday approaches, you are sure to be looking for a way to commemorate their special day—and what's better than a Cake Smash Photoshoot!

Baby's First Sugar

Ok, so your Cake Smash Photoshoot may not be your baby's first time enjoying something sugary sweet—but it will still be a special treat!

Baby's eat with their hands at this young age, and their motor skills are still elementary. Combine that with their tendency to play with their food—and pure photo magic is made!

Just imagine frosting squeezed between their fingers, smeared across their face, in their hair—and cake crumbled everywhere. A head-to-toe mess!

Could anything be cuter?

Your Cake Comes With The Photoshoot

Not only will I snap the perfect shot to give to family and friends, or to hang in your home—but you don't even have to bring the cake. I have a partnership  with a bakery, who provides decorative baby-sized cakes—in the colour and flavour of your preference.

If you fancy baking, you are of course welcome to bring your own cake.

Setting The Scene

I will start by setting the scene. Your baby and their colorful cake are always the centerpiece, but we can add in props as needed—and you are always welcome to bring along birthday balloons.

We will take our time, and make sure your little one is comfortable every step of the way. I have worked with lots to babies and toddlers over the years, so even if they are shy—I will capture the right shots!

A white backdrop is always clean and crisp, but we can go for a colorful custom background if that works better—it's all up to you!

We'll Take Some Cake Free Shots Too

Another advantage to your upcoming Cake Smash Photoshoot—is that no cleanup is required!

Your little one will be encouraged to dig in and get messy. Once all is said and done, we will wrap up the photo shoot with a Bubble Bath.

And of course I'll be snapping pics of that too!

This ensures that you can head home clean, cake and frosting-free baby. However, we do suggest that mum and dad dress wisely during the photoshoot, because the frosting may find its way on you too.

All-in-all you walk away with:

·     Pre-cake smash shots of your little one.

·     Shots of cake smashing in its full glory.

·     Bubble bath shots with your splashing clean baby.

Cake Smash Photoshoot can be scheduled for 1 to 2 hours. Before we let the Cake Smashing begin, I will take shots of your baby prior to making their mess.

These photos can be taken in the outfit they will be eating their cake in, or you can bring 1 or 2 additional outfits to choose from. Just make sure they have something to change into after the shoot is complete.

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The Shoot

No clean up required