The Big Day

So its finally here! Adam & Hannah's Wedding Day and what a day. Filled with fun laughter and excitement. Hannah, i have to say has been one of the most chilled out brides i have ever met , she wasn't flustered or worried just took things as they come. This made for a great relaxed time whilst taking photos of them getting ready.

Getting ready

Those Boots!

So on to taking some photos of the beautiful dress, jewellery and shoes....nope no shoes just an amazing pair of boots, absolutely LOVED them!! I admire anyone who can walk in heels all day but i so wished i had chosen boots like these for my wedding.

Loving the boots

And were ready

So its getting near, hair and make up have been done, Bridesmaids are dressed and Hannah is absolutely glowing in her beautiful dress, i think nerves are beginning to kick in a little bit but still Hannah is composed, relaxed and holding it all together, very soon the next chapter off her life is about to begin.

Just Beautiful

And its done!

The ceremony was beautiful, lots off happy tears were shed, all the planning had come together for this one special moment, Hannah & Adam had tied the knot, said their "I Do's" and were now ready to enjoy the rest off their lives together.

Mr & Mrs

The rest of the day

Time for winding down a bit, we get family and friend group photos, again lots of fun and happy guests, everything is running smoothly, ok well kinda smoothly, there was a wee bit of a problem with the cake but Sarah-Jayne managed to sort that out...Whew!

During the meal Hannah's mum had hired entertainment that no one knew about, not even me! but i recovered from the shock and carried on, watching everyone doing the Conga was great fun and if i wasn't having to take photos i would have certainly joined in.

Hannah & Mum

Mr & Mrs

The Conga!

Thank you

Thank you so much Hannah & Adam for letting us be part of your special day, Sarah Jayne & I wish you every happiness Xxx